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Patience Noah

Phone: (508) 250-0799





Patience Noah migrated to the United states in 2003 after the Liberian Civil War. She attended the
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and got her B.A in Marketing. After graduating college in 2013
she started her career in the insurance industry code calling. Over the years she held positions as a
Customer Service Representative, Account Manager and as a Sales Executive, consulting agency owners
and training their staff to increase productivity.

In 2019 she opened Patience Noah Insurance LLC after noticing that many of the agency owners in the
industry were Baby Boomers and mostly males. She started as a Captive Agent, but soon discovered that
it was not the best model for her business, so she went independent. As an independent agent she can
offer multiple carrier options to her customers and make decisions that will benefit them.

As a young, experienced agency owner, she understands that a strong relationship and quality customer
service are what makes a successful agency.

In her spare time, she mentors young adults looking to create their own path in life and make an impact
in their communities.

As Miss Liberia USA 2012, Patience is proud to serve as a role model for young women and always
encourages them to aim higher. If someone denies them an opportunity, all they have to do is create
one for themselves.