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Keeping your safety our top priority, we at Patience Noah offer you the most comprehensive insurance plans. Without instilling fear of bankruptcy, we cater to affordable yet premium quality insurance plans for all drivers across Massachusetts. Our insurance policies prevent you from unfortunate losses and unexpected accidents, offering coverage that you can trust, and depend on.
Planning on going with a standard plan, or want to opt for a customized one that suits your vehicle requirements, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you are a pro driver, or just brought your vehicle on the road, we’ve got the coverage you need to stay protected on and off road both!

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Auto Insurance Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

Insurance covers all injuries caused to others by the policyholder while driving a motor vehicle. Our policies also cover for all sorts of legal fees in case the victim takes you to court.

Property Damage Liability

Comprehensive plans by our insurance covers damage to other people’s property and belongings caused by the policyholder while operating an automobile.

Collision Damage

The insurance covers damage caused by the collision of the vehicle with the other. This may include fixing dents, bumper replacements, changing glass, and color affected due to collision.

Comprehensive Damage Protection

Our insurance policy also covers loss to the policyholders car resulting besides collision with another vehicle. You are our priority!

Personal Injury Protection

Our insurance policy covers all treatment costs for the policy holder associated as a result of the automobiles accident.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

It covers medical treatment of the policyholder in case of collision with an uninsured driver or vehicle as well. You’re insured, not necessarily the person that collides with you.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Don’t keep thinking until it’s too late. Browse through our standard plans or get in touch to customize one, especially for your vehicle. At Patience Noah, Your safety always comes first!

We’re here to help you secure your peace of mind. It’s better if your attention stays on the lane than worrying about insurance. Start by asking for a free quote. Mark the beginning of a hassle-free insurance policy.
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Customized Coverage Plans

Tailor your policy; you can choose to tweak our packages to cater to your needs and simultaneously fit in your budget too. We do not believe in a one size fits all and offer customizations in
each plan.

24/7 Support

You’re never on your own. Our efficient customer support system assists you from anything to everything throughout the day. Call us in the morning, or in the middle of the night, we have got you covered!

Competitive Pricing

Quality coverage, safety guaranteed, that too without having to empty your pockets, it is your sign to request for a quote.

Faster processing

Waiting for weeks to claim your insurance is old-fashioned. Our streamlined processes make your claims go through faster. We’ll always be there, working quickly and efficiently when you need us the most

Our Green Flags

Customer is Always a Priority Mindset
Customer comes first, business comes later. With this mindset, your needs are always kept a priority.
Prompt Customer Service
We’re available to help our customers at all times.We understand that finding quality insurance can be an overwhelming process. We aim to make it simpler, easier, faster for you and be there for you at each step, whenever you require any kind of assistance.

Got questions about your current plan? Wanna upgrade? Need help with filing a claim or simply want some reassurance? We’re just a call away!

Thousands of satisfied policy holders
Not hundreds, but thousands of automobile owners keep their trust in us! This is testament of our loyalty to all our policyholders.
Licensed and accredited insurance provider
It is affiliated with America’s most trusted names and licensed to practice in Massachusetts, Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Texas.

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