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What is Transportation Insurance?

Transportation insurance is a policy that provides coverage for the insured’s goods that are being transported by any appropriate means of transportation. The insurance providers accept the level of risk and the value of the products when the property is being transported from loading to the designated destination. These two factors determine the coverage level.  

In commercial transportation, everything (goods, people, and products) is always on the move, and thus there is a potential risk of getting damaged, delayed, lost, or facing unexpected obstacles. Therefore, someone with strong transportation expertise is needed to manage such potential risks. That is why you need our expert agents to get you insured.

What Does Transportation Insurance Cover?

It either covers the owners of the items in transit or the service suppliers in transportation logistics. All forms of transport insurance offer protection for items being moved against potential risks related to the movement and short-term storage of goods.

The details of the coverage depend on the conditions of the relevant insurance. 

What Does Transportation Insurance Cover
Offer Transport Insurance

What Kinds of Transport Insurance Do We Offer? 

We offer several kinds of insurance for transport, depending on the type of goods or transportation being used. The options available are trucking and logistics. Also, we offer insurance for  

  • Land transportation 
  • Air transportation  
  • Railway transportation
  • Maritime cargo 

What Kinds of Conditions Does Our Insurance Cover?

Different types of coverage have different conditions. The conditions could be: 

Full Loss Coverage

It offers insurance against the possibility that the products and the carrier would sustain total damage and lose all of their worth. It is the condition when anything goes wrong with the vehicle used for transportation and all of the cargo is lost or destroyed.

Partial Loss Coverage

The kind of insurance that offers a guarantee on the occurrence of certain events and risks. Such mishaps can include bad weather conditions, vehicle crashes or collapses, damage in loading or unloading, overturning, ships sinking, overflowing brooks, fire, etc.

Expanded Coverage

This condition covers all sorts of damages, irrespective of the kind of vehicle—ships, trucks, trains, or airplanes. In this type of insurance, your loss would be compensated no matter what happened to your goods.  

What Conditions Are We Not Liable to Cover? 

We are not liable for the compensation of damages or lost goods in cases of force majeure events (circumstances that are unpredictable, unforeseeable, and mostly natural to a greater extent). These events could include natural disasters, e.g., tornadoes, earthquakes, external explosions, etc. Other conditions include; illegal shipping or smuggling, damages caused by the customer, loss in the weight of the goods, etc.  

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Transit Insurance Policies Offered by PN Insurance

The type of cargo, weight, declared value and predetermined areas of movement for the items will all affect the particulars of the insurance policy agreement. Premiums will vary based on the range of coverage that policies or insurance firms offer, which often covers certain hazards, losses, or damage.

Subscription/Single Insurance Policy

It provides a one-time warranty for any shipments that a commercial company will make. A single policy covers each freight, which is issued once (i.e., from loading station to destination).

This policy can be advantageous to companies that ship frequently or one consignment at a time and in large quantities, as well as companies that are thought to comply with their shipping notification duties. Depending on the agreement, it offers auto coverage for a predetermined amount. 

Open/Block Subscription

This kind of policy is set up annually, taking into account the annual transport turnover and providing insurance for every commute that will occur in a given year. In short, this policy covers several shipments over a predetermined time frame, like a year. The insurer is informed ahead of time of the one-year plan, and the total premium is computed for the given year.

The transportation made in this manner is safe and doesn’t require any notice. Therefore, you don’t have to pay insurance every time you ship if you have multiple consignments scheduled. You may buy it for multi-shipment coverage just once. 

Customized Coverage

This policy serves the best interests of transporters, as they can get a customized and personalized plan as per their needs. The customization can be done depending on the types of goods, vehicles, time and location, and the value of the cargo. We can also provide coverage for multiple vehicles, e.g., if more than one kind of transport is used. If you are a business that has to transport different goods to different locations, this policy is for you. 

Our expert brokers are here to help you with all sorts of coverage for the protection of your business, goods, and products. We have very reasonable plans to provide you with transit insurance. From open to final policy and partial to full loss coverage, we have got it all.

Reduce the potential risk of financial loss or damage to your goods by consulting our agents and getting insurance for transportation plans with Patience Noah Insurance Solutions today!

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