Renters Insurance

Protection for Your Belongings

Renters insurance is extremely affordable! At Patience Noah Insurance, we shop our most trusted carriers to find you coverage for a reasonable cost. Renters policies can generally start at less than $20 per month and only increase when adding additional coverages at your discretion.

Although you do not own your home, you can still protect your belongings against unexpected loss or damage. Your valuables such as a computer, smartphone, jewelry, collectibles, furniture and clothing are all protected by a renters insurance policy. If these items are damaged by fire, theft, or vandalism, your renters insurance coverage can protect you from financial loss. Protection for personal belongings in your vehicles may also be included with a renters insurance policy.

We aim to create a custom, comprehensive renters insurance package that reflects the distinct needs of you, your family and the place you call home. Start today by using our simple quote form below!

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