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If you are a trucker and have difficulty finding a suitable motor insurance company for trucking insurance, wait no more because Patience Noah Insurance is here to provide you with commercial insurance for your truck.

We have covered everything for you, no matter which sort of truck you own; we have got you from garbage trucks to delivery trucks.

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What is Truck Insurance?

A truck insurance policy is a particular kind of commercial auto insurance coverage designed to fit trucks used for business purposes, including delivery, pick-up, and goods transportation, among other uses. Not only trucking companies need commercial truck insurance.

Ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage if you or any staff drive trucks for your business. Your business needs truck insurance because it offers financial security for your trucks against potential losses from collisions, accidents, fires, theft, natural disasters, damage to your truck or goods, or freight loss.   

Who Needs Commercial Insurance for Trucks? 

If you are a truck driver or someone who operates a trucking company (having more than one truck), you definitely need commercial insurance for your trucks. Also, if you run a business involving truck transportation, you need this insurance.

The insurance you will need depends on your requirements. You can buy standard, general, premium, or liability-only policies to protect you from unforeseen losses. Other coverages, such as cyber liability, non-trucking liability, and media expenses, are needed.

Who needs commercial insurance for trucks
How much does this insurance cost

How Much Does This Insurance Cost? 

The cost of trucking insurance depends on the coverage you will buy for your vehicle and other factors that will be discussed below. Also, primary and premium liability policies differ in their prices. It can cost as little as $50 to premium packages up to $15,000 annually. The factors include:

  • The financial value of your truck.
  • The financial value of the cargo goods. 
  • How far is the destination from the loading unit. 
  • The driving history of the driver (experience, age, etc.) 
  • The type of coverage or policy you are choosing.

Requirements for Trucking Insurance 

Different requirements are needed for this insurance. The requirements differ as per the type of coverage, but here is a general breakdown of requirements common to all coverages as follows:

  • Information regarding your truck (model, year, and make/ size) 
  • Previous driving record (to assess if it is safe to insure you) 
  • Commercial driving license for trucks 
  • You have to be authorized by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
Requirements for trucking insurance

Insurance policies are becoming more costly daily, but not choosing the right company or policy can cost you more—not just pennies but your time and energy. So, choose Patience Noah Insurance, where we have 24/7 customer support to help you with insurance solutions that best suit your needs.

What Does This Insurance Cover?

Like any other motor insurance, insurance for trucks covers certain aspects, again depending on the coverage. The following situations would be covered by this insurance:

Natural Disasters
If the truck or the freight is damaged by an unpredictable natural disaster, such as a storm or earthquake, the damage will be covered. Damage caused by fire can also be covered under certain policies.
Commercial Liability Insurance
This coverage compensates third parties if your truck accidentally causes harm to someone or damages their property. It also covers someone who might trip and fall on your property. This insurance also pays your legal affairs expenses.
Damage Due to Accidents
Any damage to a vehicle or goods caused by an accident is covered by this insurance.  It would cover the repair costs.
Freight Delivery to the Incorrect Location
The general liability coverage will pay for the expenses and losses incurred if goods are delivered to the incorrect address.
Workers Compensation Insurance
This coverage is not covered under the general liability plan but is a different policy. If a person is sick or injured during a duty, this coverage helps them with medical costs, treatment expenses, and missed income.

What Does This Insurance Not Cover? 

There are some situations or types of damage that are not covered under commercial (general or premium) insurance, including:

  • The accident is caused by a drunken or negligent driver (even if they do not have a license)
  • Loss caused by the radioactive, nuclear, or explosive material being transported 
  • Truck used in any other activity (e.g., racing or stunts) 
  • Damage caused to freight while loading or unloading by a third party 
  • In case of a war or any such situation 
  • Revenue profit loss

Why Patience Noah Insurance?

While hundreds of options are available in the USA, not every company can best suit your requirements or budget. It is best to do proper research before selecting an insurance agency. Here at Patience Noah, we offer you 

  • 24/7 Customer Support 
  • Quick claims  
  • Digital claims are available
  • Expert advice 
  • Personalized policy

If you plan to move freight, you must have commercial trucking insurance. To safeguard yourself, you also need to obtain suitable coverage. Having coverage beyond the minimum requirements is a smart decision, so make your insurance claim today.

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