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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) published a report on the number of automobile accidents within the first nine months of 2023, which is huge. More than 30 thousand US citizens lost their lives to car collisions, crashes, or accidents.

The fatality rates in different states vary, but not a single state has fewer deaths than hundreds. Car accidents involve the safety of drivers and are dangerous for passengers, pedestrians, and other people sharing the same road.

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Choosing the right insurance company or a cooperative agent can be very time-consuming. You usually end up with many options but need help figuring out what to do. The premium prices can also be a turn-off for many. But what if you get hassle-free and trustworthy vehicle insurance? Wait no longer; now you can get the best and very cheap car insurance at Patience Noah Insurance.  


Insurance That is Right for Your Car

We understand that choosing the right option from various coverages can be overwhelming. But you must know which insurance best suits your budget and your requirements. Whether you use your car for personal or commercial purposes, having the right coverage is very important to protect against unforeseeable risks and dangers. Below is a general breakdown of all the coverage types that PN Insurance offers:   

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage 

This policy is also called general coverage of liability. Under this policy, the cost of injuries to a third party is covered when the driver of the insured car is responsible for the accident.

Legal expenses are also covered if a lawsuit is filed against the insured car’s owner.

Property Damage Liability Coverage

When a third party’s property or assets are damaged due to an accident or collision and the policyholder is in the wrong, this policy covers the damage.

Collision Damage Coverage

This policy covers damage caused by collisions between the car and any other vehicle.

It also covers the expenses for repairing and replacing the vehicle’s parts or improving its condition.

Collision Damage Coverage
Comprehensive Damage Coverage

Comprehensive Damage Coverage  

As the name suggests, this policy has a comprehensive package that protects against damage caused to a third party and your car.

It is more of a two-in-one safety package. Mostly, this policy protects against theft or fire as well.

Personal Injury Coverage 

In case of an accident, collision, or crash, this coverage covers the injuries of the car’s owner. 

The insurance company bears the cost of medical treatment for the policyholder.

Personal Injury Coverage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If the car for which insurance has been provided gets into an accident or collision with someone’s car, which is not insured under any policy, this coverage will pay for the damage.

These are the general categories of coverage offered. You can personalize your insurance policy or tailor our standard coverage plans as per your requirements. The cost of every policy varies. The cost can be reduced or increased based on your car’s model and size, driving history, car use (personal or commercial), traveling distance, parking location, and modifications.

Here at our insurance company, we care about you and offer free car insurance quotes, leading to cheap insurance for your car. We also provide proper guidance so you do not feel lost. Contact our agents, available 24/7 for your assistance, and ask for a free quote.


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