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According to a recent survey by Statista, the global ride-sharing market size is 96.9 billion USD, with the US ride-sharing market size being 45.2 billion as of 2023. The number of ride-hailing services has increased with more usage of Uber, Lyft, taxis, limos, and other ride services.

The estimated ride-sharing revenue by 2027 is 54.38 billion USD. That is exactly why your livery business needs to be insured from any unforeseeable risks and dangers to be among the top revenue-generating ride services in town.

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What is Livery Insurance?

This is one of the commercial automobile insurances designed for companies whose business is to transport people from one place to another in such a way that the ride is pre-booked and pre-scheduled. Some companies include ride-hailing services, e.g., taxis, in this insurance as well. The difference between this insurance and regular insurance is the difference in potential risks and, thus, coverage. It is also called a for-hire livery policy. 

Which Vehicle Can Be Called a Livery Vehicle?

An automobile that is used for the business of transporting passengers from one location to another on a for-hire basis accounts for a livery vehicle. Vehicles that are used for business purposes are counted as livery vehicles. Thus, your personal car cannot be considered one. These vehicles may include:

  • Taxis 
  • Limousines and black cars 
  • Buses (shuttle buses for hotels are not included)
  • Rideshare services vehicles
Which Vehicle Can Be Called a Livery Vehicle
Who is a Livery Driver

Who is a Livery Driver?

A person who drives a livery vehicle is a livery driver. Thus, any person driving for taxi services can be accounted for as a livery driver.

Some companies do not provide insurance for ride-hailing service drivers, e.g., Uber or Lyft drivers. But here at Patience Noah, we have got you covered. Your safety and protection matter to us no matter what vehicle you drive or which livery business you work for.

Why You Should Get Commercial Insurance for Livery Business?

You must get this insurance if you run a livery business or work for one. Because this would protect you as a driver or your business assets (vehicles/customers) from accidental damages or other risks. Luxury car-sharing businesses need this insurance the most because of the high value of their property, which should be protected.

Normally, regular auto insurance does not cover your vehicle if it is used for a for-hire purpose. You need to inform your insurance company for what purpose your vehicle is being used; otherwise, this can be considered fraud, and some legislative action could be taken against you.

Why You Should Get Commercial Insurance for Livery Business
Livery Coverage Requirements

What are the Requirements of Insurance for Livery Coverage? 

The requirements vary depending on the area and vehicle. The type of coverage also impacts it. The amount of coverage also depends on the weight of the vehicle.

Thus, you can get more information about the requirements for your business to be insured by contacting our agent or visiting us. If you drive for-hire, you must inform your insurance company to get the required coverage. Otherwise, this would be considered misinformation and fraud.

Types of Livery Coverage

Whether you have your own livery business or use your vehicle for for-hire services, you must have the right liability coverage. It is not just about the right coverage policy; choosing the right insurance company is very important for your safety. At Patience Noah Insurance, you can get a quote for the following coverages: 

Ride-share Insurance
This covers the vehicles and drivers working for taxi services, including Uber, Lyft, and others. This policy gives more advanced coverage for people who use their cars for for-hire services than a regular auto insurance policy. Some livery policies do not cover drivers of such companies, so do your research before getting your quote.
Taxi Insurance
As the name suggests, this policy covers accidental property damages and other legal suits for taxi businesses or people who use their cars as taxis. This also protects taxi drivers (worker liability coverage). The potential risks differ for taxis, as they mainly operate in metropolitan cities, especially around airports, thus dealing with tourists and other passengers. Some insurance companies offer a separate policy for taxi insurance; some count it in the livery category.
Limousine and Black Car Insurance
This policy is especially for limousines, black cars, and other expensive vehicles. These vehicles are generally booked ahead of travel time and are scheduled in advance. This luxury transportation business has been becoming more common these days, especially for the for-hire transportation of celebrities to big events, big weddings, etc. Thus, this policy is all about protecting these luxury vehicles.

Some other coverage policies are also available, depending on the ride service, e.g., for medical purposes or towing vehicles etc. You can get more information on it by visiting our website or contacting our customer support service.

Your Customers Depend on Livery Drivers to take them Around Safely.

No matter how efficient and good your drivers or vehicles are, potential risks and unpredictable dangers are always there. For this reason, it’s essential to have a livery insurance policy that protects your business, vehicles, and your customers.  You can get quotes from various insurance companies online or otherwise. It is good to have proper knowledge before you purchase a policy.

Contact our agent today, and get the best rates and options. Get a free quote for your business online by contacting our agent in the next 48 hours. PN Insurance cares about you and your business. Choose Patience Noah, and stay safe!

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