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In any business, you have a company car and vehicles that your employees use. Suppose your employee is taking your company car for a business meeting. The employee gets stuck in an accident while travelling, and your business car gets stolen. Here, your auto insurance will not save you from this damage. You need commercial auto insurance. This insurance policy helps protect you, your employees, and your business vehicles from any damage and hassle.

A commercial coverage plan protects your vehicles from significant damage. Also, it covers the medical costs and bills for any accident or mishap involving your worker or the person injured by your car.

Suppose you have decided to purchase commercial auto coverage. Our expert brokers are here to give you options for your customized policy. 

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What is Commercial Auto Insurance?

The insurance covers liabilities, crashes, clinical installments, and uninsured drivers. It covers the cost of vehicle crashes while you or your staff use vehicles for business. This insurance plan can help pay for the clinical expenses of anything with a minor impact.

It assists with safeguarding your business vehicles, like vehicles, trucks, and so forth; assuming that your business depends on company vehicles, having business collision protection is fundamental.

You can rely on business collision protection for monetary security if you or a labourer need clinical help. If you don’t get an insurance plan, your business will be responsible for emergency clinic costs and charges, which can be expensive.

Insurance Commercial Auto

What does Commercial Insurance for Auto Cover?

Commercial coverage for auto covers many factors related to vehicles used in construction and trucks. The company’s primary source of income is business vehicles, and insurance for auto is designed for them.

  • It covers the medical and damage costs of the vehicles if they collide with the cars coming from the other side.
  • This coverage covers all costs if your vehicle is stolen from your working side.
  • Impact harm coverage covers any costs connected with your vehicle hitting another or vice versa.
  • Your semi-truck is behind a vehicle, running a red light. The other driver is clearly to blame. Your business vehicle insurance contract incorporates impact harm, so the expense of fixing the truck is covered.
  • Your organization leaves vehicles in the area quickly, and you see that somebody took your truck. Your coverage repays you for the value of the car.
  • If the driver or travellers in a vehicle are harmed in a mishap and need clinical assistance, your insurance policy assists with covering clinical costs.
  • You’re an electrical technician, and your truck is loaded with gear. While heading to a place of work, you get crashed into by another vehicle. The other driver didn’t understand their insurance policy had passed, and they can’t stand to pay for the harm, yet your business accident coverage takes care of it.
  • If you or a representative get into a mishap in a work vehicle, the other driver could sue your business. A commercial auto coverage policy safeguards you and your organization’s resources.

What does Commercial Insurance for Auto not Cover?

The insurance doesn’t cover rented or individual vehicles used for business purposes. Yet, your business can be responsible if someone gets into a mishap with an individual or rented car.

  • The employed and non-employed policy is the proper format for vehicles your business uses but doesn’t claim. This strategy will assure representatives who drive their own or rented cars for work purposes.
  • Rent insurance is a benefit you can add to your business contract that covers the complete loss of a rented or funded vehicle. Another factor to consider is drive-other vehicle protection, which covers non-claimed cars that workers might lease.
  • If you buy a business vehicle and your commercial insurance for auto does not yet cover it, you will be liable for any liabilities that happen to the car.
  • To safeguard business vehicles, you get an insurance plan that offers your business auto insurance. It can cover any employed or non-claimed cars you use for your business.
  • If your business manages a client’s vehicle, it would not be covered under your insurance. If something happens to your client’s car, for example, damage from a break-in, you would be liable for repairs and other related costs.
  • The responsibility of the carport would be to protect your client’s vehicles while under your consideration, authority, and control. In that case, your insurance policy doesn’t safeguard against regular car activity.

Auto Commercial Insurance

What type of Vehicles do we Insure?


A wide variety of vehicle types used in many industries

  • Consultants 
  • Janitorial services   
  • Retail shops   
  • Religious/ nonprofit organizations   
  • Farming   Couriers   
  • Wholesale distributors   
  • Food truck vendors/ delivery   
  • For-hire livery


Vehicles used in contractor businesses

  • Contractors
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians 
  • Landscapers 
  • Snowblowers
  • Heavy Construction
  • Concrete and asphalt  
  • Construction 
  • General trades


Freight trucks that transport goods for others

  • Owner-operators 
  • Expeditors    
  • General freight haulers 
  • Agriculture hauling 
  • Household movers
  • Tractor-trailers

Why Progressive?

  1. The lead market for proficient drivers
  2.  Independent owners and little armadas that use company-owned vehicles
  3.  Independent owners rent an engine transporter that needs
  4. Non-Shipping Burden and Actual Harm coverage
  5.  New dares to experienced drivers
  6.  State and government engine transporter filings
  7.  Limitless span accessible
  8.  All the coverage choices drivers need, including Auto


  • Work trucks focused on specific niches or hauling for others
  • Dirt, sand and gravel haulers; log haulers
  • Garbage, waste and debris haulers 
  • Tractor-trailers 
  • Coal haulers


Tow trucks with hooks (wreckers) and rollbacks (car carriers)

  • Towing services 
  • Gas stations 
  • Auto repair shops 
  • Anytime roadside assistance

How much do you have to Pay for Insurance?

It depends on your industry and the vehicles your business uses. Typically, workers for hire-based organizations. For example, gardeners, circuit testers, woodworkers, and some development occupations, will have a higher month-to-month expense than different callings. A few elements can impact the cost of your insurance:

  • What sort of business do you have?
  • Sort of vehicle your worker drives
  • Driving record of your workers
  • Sort of burden the organization vehicle is conveying
  • Area of your organization
  • The measure of risk coverage you pick

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