Things Your Home Policy Does Not Cover and What to Do

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While home insurance is a valuable safeguard for your property, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations. Here are common exclusions in home insurance policies and alternative protection strategies:

Flood Damage:

  • Home insurance typically does not cover flood damage. To protect against floods, consider purchasing a separate flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a private insurer if available in your area.

Earthquakes and Sinkholes:

  • Damage from earthquakes and sinkholes is usually excluded from standard home insurance. You can purchase earthquake insurance or sinkhole coverage as separate policies if you live in an area prone to these events.

Maintenance-Related Damage:

  • Home insurance doesn’t cover damage resulting from lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Regular home maintenance is crucial to prevent such issues.

Sewer Backup:

  • Sewer backup damage may not be covered by standard policies. You can add sewer backup coverage as an endorsement or purchase it separately to protect against this risk.

Termites and Pest Infestations:

  • Damage caused by termites and pests is considered a maintenance issue and is typically not covered. Arrange for pest control services and take preventive measures to avoid infestations.

Expensive Jewelry and Collectibles:

  • Home insurance has coverage limits for valuable items like jewelry and collectibles. To protect high-value items fully, consider adding scheduled personal property endorsements or separate insurance policies for these items.

Remember that the specifics of what is covered or excluded can vary among insurance providers and policies. Review your policy carefully, understand its limitations, and explore additional coverage options or endorsements as needed to ensure comprehensive protection for your home and possessions.

Patience Noah

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