Patience Noah is the CEO and founder of Patience Noah insurance.  She is qualified to sell Home, Auto, Life, Health, Property, and Casualty. All in all, Patience Noah is a great go-to for all your insurance needs.


Patience Noah migrated to the United States in 2003 after the Liberian Civil War. She attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and got her B.A in Marketing. After graduating college in 2013 she started her career in the insurance industry cold calling. Over the years she held positions as a Customer Service Representative, Account Manager, Sales Executive, Consulted agency owners, and trained their staff to increase productivity.

As Miss Liberia USA 2012, Patience is proud to serve as a role model for young women and always encourages them to aim higher. If someone denies them an opportunity, all they have to do is create one for themselves. In 2019 she opened Patience Noah Insurance LLC after noticing that many of the agency owners in the industry were Baby Boomers and mostly males. She started as a Captive Agent but soon discovered that it was not the best model for her business, so she went independent.


At present, she is the only black, female, millennial, owned agency in the City of Framingham Massachusetts. As a young, experienced agency owner, she understands that a strong relationship and quality customer service are what make a successful agency.  At her core, Patience wants to do what is best for her customers. She works tirelessly to ensure that her customers are getting the very best coverage and prices for their policies. With the understanding that excellent customer service is developed through genuine encounters and product knowledge; Patience has been able to create a workforce that has the same value for customer service.

During the pandemic, she had the opportunity to learn more about remote work. As a result, she has a full staff of remote workers who live in various states and countries. Patience took the opportunity the pandemic created to turn her business into something that could sustain through shifting social and health atmospheres. She has created a business that can morph to the environment needed for customers to continue to receive the great quality service that they have come to expect, despite what may be occurring in the world.


Patience Noah has been a pioneer for young women in business everywhere. She hopes to create a platform to allow other women and minorities to excel in their business ventures. She believes in being the change rather than waiting for others to change the world for her.

At present Patience Noah Insurance is working in CT, MA, but she plans to expand throughout the USA. By the end of 2021, she will be adding at least 2 more states if not more. In the future Patience would like to start opening PNI branches all over the USA! This would not only help to ensure more people are getting the right coverage they need but it will also give her the opportunity to teach other young or minority professionals how to run a successful agency.

As her remote staff continues to grow, she hopes to have 24 hour, 5 days a week business. This will create an environment where customers can reach out at any time and get the help they need. Patience wants to build an organization that will put the customer needs first. By being able to expand her office hours, she will be able to accommodate all of clients whenever, wherever are and with whatever they need.

Patience Noah is a pioneer, a lover of insurance, and someone who will always put her clients first.

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