Whose Insurance Pays in a Multi-Car Accident?

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Over 6 million drivers get into a car crash annually. In general accidents, the car hitting from behind is usually held liable. However, multiple-car crashes depict a completely different scenario. Who is at fault; this question seems to be the mystery.

The negligent driver is responsible for covering the accidental damages. However, determining the one is always challenging. 

Analyzing the complexity of such accidents, car insurance nvestigators perform precise inspections. The collected evidence and extensive breakdown lead to a fair decision for all parties. 

Why Do Multi-Car Accidents Occur?

Here are the top 6 reasons:

1. Inadequate Space Between the Moving Cars 

Chain collisions are often initiated due to insufficient space between the moving cars. Especially on highways, the speedy vehicles crash into one another due to being extremely close. 

2. Bad Weather

Bad weather is one of the most common causes. Around 21% of car crashes are caused by bad weather. Loss of control and vehicle sliding on wet and icy roads usually leads to accidents.

3. Drunk Driving

There’s a solid reason why drunk driving is strictly prohibited. It results in severe accidents, and the driver can be charged with criminal offenses. He would also be responsible for the property damage. Despite the harsh consequences, there is a continuous rise in alcohol-related accidents and fatalities.

4. Poor Visibility

Most of the fatal accidents happen at night. Glare and poor visibility make it less safe to drive after sunset. 

5. Reckless Driving

Aggressive or impatient driving puts your life and the lives of those around you in danger. Additionally, distractions due to texts, calls, conversations, and visual media are also accountable for automotive crashes.

Multi-Car Accident insurance

Who Pays In a Multi-Car Accident?

Usually, a single car starts a chain collision. But it isn’t always the case. Sometimes, two or more drivers are deemed at fault. 

Generally, a Police report is the first and most essential aspect the auto insurance company considers. The officer cites the incident, explains the cause, and documents witnesses. Moreover, law enforcement also considers weather conditions, car positions, driving speeds, and other crucial traits.

Let’s take a closer look at more deciding factors!

Uninsured Driver At-fault

The crash becomes way more challenging when the faulty driver is uninsured. Although car insurance is mandatory in most states, many still lack it. In such conditions, the victims can seek reimbursement directly from the negligent person.

A Single Negligent Driver

If a single driver is found at fault, its insurer is responsible for the accidental damages. His comprehensive policy will pay for vehicle damages and injuries.

Multiple Negligent Drivers

Suppose driver A is 70% at fault, while driver B shares 30% of the blame. In case of multiple negligent drivers, each driver’s insurance company will pay for the assigned percentage.

Car Insurance Excess

Excess in car insurance is a predetermined payment. The policyholder must pay the excess towards the claim if a multiple-car collision occurs. At the same time, the insurance company will take charge of the remaining accidental expenses. 

How Does Insurance Work in A Multi-Car Accident

How Does Insurance Work in A Multi-Car Accident?

Multi-car accidents cause more damage than regular accidents. It is because your vehicle collides with multiple cars at multiple angles. To recover from such a loss financially, you can use your legal rights against negligent parties. 

Unexpected losses, injuries, and bills may need more time to address your insurer. We recommend hiring a vehicle accident lawyer to request a fair settlement.  

What to do after a Pile-Up Accident?

Contact The Emergency Number

Car crashes can lead to severe injuries. Hence, call 911 immediately after the incident. Their medical technicians will provide instant care to the affected individuals. At the same time, the cops will investigate the accidental scene. Their accidental report is a crucial element for your insurance claim.

Create Visual Record

There are better steps than relying solely on the report. Instead, take photos or videos of the scene. Capture the damaged vehicles, record their positions, and take pictures of the injuries. Documenting weather, road conditions, and other accidental factors are valuable perspectives. Also, try to videotape the witness statement.

Cooperate With The Police Investigation

During interrogation, stay calm and cooperate with cops. Provide accurate information and tell them everything that you have witnessed.

File Your Claim With The Assistance Of Car Accident Attorney

Speak with a professional attorney and provide them with the gathered evidence. With the help of an accidental report, witness statement, and other proof, your lawyer will try to get a maximum settlement for your financial losses.

Final Thoughts

Chain collisions can be deadly. These are not only difficult to avoid, but they also create massive damage. Any of us could barely imagine such a catastrophic condition. However, an effective insurance claim is the only way to combat such a crisis. 

Drive Safe, Stay Safe!

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