What is Commercial Truck Driver Occupational Accident Insurance?

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The ratio of work-related accidents and injuries is very high worldwide. According to Forbes, based on data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), semi-trucks are more prone to fatal accidents and account for 51% of the total accidents that cause fatalities in the USA.

These figures suggest truck operators are more vulnerable to accidents and fatalities than other vehicle operators. However, not all companies protect their workers, and carrier companies do not insure the owner-operators they work with.

Thus, these individual operators or workers need to get themselves insured independently. Occupational accident coverage (also known as OCC/ACC) is a great and affordable option for truck drivers who cannot afford premium policies. 

What is Occupational Accident Insurance? 

Occupational accident insurance for truckers is an insurance policy that protects owner operators or individual contractors from occupational hazards. However, they must not be insured under any workers’ insurance policy.

Basically, OCC is a substitute for a workers’ compensation insurance policy. You must buy it yourself rather than have your company or business owner buy it.

Who Needs Occupational Insurance? 

In the trucking business, owner operators require this policy. Either the owner operator has to buy it themselves, or their motor carrier can buy it. Drivers who drive semi-trucks or low to medium-capacity trucks for work (loading-trucks, freight drivers, tank drivers, hot shot truckers, etc.) who are not protected by workers’ comp also need this coverage to protect themselves against occupational death or accidents.

Why Should You Get Occupational Insurance for Truck Drivers

Why Should You Get Occupational Insurance for Truck Drivers?  

Trucking, being a dynamic and long-hours business, involves many risks in unpredictable circumstances on the road, accidents, damage, or even death at times.

This leaves the truckers vulnerable to such accidents. You need ACC insurance if your motor carrier or business owner does not protect you under any employee’s insurance policy. Below are the reasons why you should get this insurance: 

  • It will protect you financially if you are injured in an occupational hazard, lose your income, or cannot work for some time.
  • If you get into an accident while working, it will help you with medical expenses (treatment, prescription, etc.)
  • It will provide survivor benefits for the kin of the insured person in case of occupational death.
  • It may be required by the motor carrier you’re working with, and even if the carrier does not require you to have this insurance, it will protect you as an independent worker.

What Choices Can You Make With This Policy?

This policy can be customized and gives you a choice in the selection of:

  • The type and level of coverage you want (in terms of benefits) 
  • The limit of liability 
  • The deduction amount if an accident happens

What Does Occupational Accident Coverage Include?

The coverage features of this policy include the following:  

  • The medical expenses in case of accident or injuries (doctor fees, treatment costs, prescription bills, hospital charges in case of admission, etc.) 
  • Accidental death benefits  
  • Dismemberment benefits
  • Disability coverage (temporary or permanent total disability) 
  • Survivor benefits coverage (for the relatives of the deceased person) 
  • Specific health condition benefit coverage (for diseases like Hernia) 
  • Chiropractic care benefits (for alternate treatment) 
  • Passengers’ benefit coverage (if the truck is used for delivering passengers)

What is Not Included in This Coverage? 

As OCC is healthcare coverage, it does not include non-health benefits or non-employees. It also does not protect against accidents or injuries off the job, nor does it protect against accidents caused when the driver is intoxicated, suicidal attempts, or physical violence.

It does not provide coverage to individuals who are protected under workers’ compensation coverage. Also, it does not cover legal expenses in the event of an accident or property damage.

How Much Does Occupational Insurance for Truckers Cost

How Much Does Occupational Insurance for Truckers Cost?  

The cost of occupational policy varies depending on different factors, including the type of trucking business, the number, types, and sizes of trucks, and the driving records of the truckers. The type and benefits of coverage also impact the cost of the policy. The less risky you are to work with, the lower the cost of your premium will be.   

Truck drivers with an annual dividend between $5000 and $1,000,000 are mostly required to pay a monthly fee of $50 to $200 per worker. Different insurance companies can have different premium rates.

How to Get Cheap ACC Coverage? 

You should research and look for different insurance companies to get cheap coverage. Compare their quotes and choose the one that best suits your budget. Low-capacity and non-modified vehicles are also used. Decide wisely on your coverage level and deductible amount, as they will impact the cost.


Although most states do not require OCC insurance, it is always wise to get yourself individually insured if you are not covered under the employee compensation policy. You never know what circumstances await you when you are out on the road. Invest in this insurance policy and enjoy all its benefits for your peace of mind and safety.

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