Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicycle Incidents?

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Let’s be real – being on the roads with all those heavy vehicles around you can sometimes turn into a rather dangerous game. 

You hear of road traffic accidents daily, with bicycle accidents being the most severe ones. This calls for all types of safety measures. We take all precautions before heading for a ride to avoid mishaps. But have you ever stopped and wondered about the insurance coverage in case you get into a bicycle accident? 

As boring as these insurance policies may sound, they’re your savior in dire times of need! 

Does auto insurance cover bicycle incidents? The immediate answer is fortunately Yes! However, to understand tricky situations better, let’s dive in and learn more.

Policy Coverage for Bicycle Incidents

In several cases, your insurance may cover bicycle accidents but this depends on the circumstances. A couple of important points for consideration are mentioned below:

Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury Protection

In case of the vehicle driver’s fault that caused the accident, the cyclist is at a further advantage of this insurance. In such cases, he is offered personal health insurance. 

The extent and nature of your PIP coverage depends on the choices you made while obtaining your auto policy. 

PIP covers lost wages and hefty medical bills of up to $10,000

However, after receiving PIP coverage, you can only sue the driver under certain circumstances so it’s advised to consult your lawyer before deciding.

Liability Coverage 

Liability coverage comes into play when a collision results from someone’s fault. In simple words, if you’re at fault, you’ll bear the financial burden.

However, if it’s an auto accident, your automotive insurance liability coverage kicks in to cover these damages. This bears financial responsibility and also provides legal defense representation if required. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Given the high rate of uninsured drivers, motorists should include Uninsured Motorist Coverage in their car insurance policies. You have the complete discretion to determine the amount of Uninsured Motorist Coverage in your auto policy. This serves as a straightforward means to protect yourself, even while cycling. 

This helps recover additional medical expenses. This coverage comes more in use in the hit-and-run situations where the person at fault can’t be identified. 

Other various insurances in case of a bicycle accident include:

Health Insurance

In an event where a victim suffers severe injuries and requires immediate medical attention, health insurance is the answer. Health insurance is specific for certain medical bills, hospital stays, and doctor visits.

Nevertheless, if a person isn’t covered enough by health insurance, he may opt to seek additional compensation from the responsible party. 

Renter’s Insurance 

If you’re caught in an accident with another cyclist or a pedestrian, that is when home renters insurance comes to use. If you think it was the other person’s fault, you may take it up with their insurance company. However, your vehicle damage is ensured by your insurance company in such a case of collision.

Homeowner or renter’s insurance is only applicable if the accident occurs on the insured property which is rare. 

Who Pays for the Losses

Who Pays for the Losses?

Here Are Some Factors That Determine Who Pays for the Losses:

At-Fault Vehicle Driver

If the driver has personal auto insurance coverage he is liable for these covered expenses which include repair or replacement of bicycles, medical bills, and other related damages. 

Drive safely to avoid these heavy extra finances!

At-Fault Bicycle Rider

You can’t always blame the one with a bigger vehicle. In case the cyclist breaks traffic rules, he will be held accountable. 

In such cases, their insurance only extends to injuries if they’ve opted for additional services like Personal Injury Protection. However, the cyclist is responsible for any expenses beyond the set limits for coverage.

Filing a Complaint With the Insurance Company After a Bicycle Accident

If you have suffered from a bicycle accident and need coverage from your insurance, follow these simple steps:

  • Report the accident and take pictures as evidence
  • Note driver at faults and colliding vehicles information
  • File a complaint with the police 
  • Note driver’s insurance company to file an injury claim

Coverage Limitations

There’s a limitation to everything, your insurance too! Many accidents occur because of mechanical faults so one may wonder, does auto insurance cover transmission failures? Mostly no, however, if the auto accident was the result of that failure then yes your company offers insurance. 

If you’re wondering, will my insurance cover car wash damage? The answer is conditional. If you’ve said to be the determined cause or are under collateral damage condition, your insurance takes care of it. 


While automotive insurance is a great savior and pays for auto accidents involving cyclists, it is necessary to keep yourself updated with new terms and policies. The best way to keep yourself out of all hassles is to practice safe driving and make surroundings safe for yourself and others too.

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