Driving Confidently: A Beginners Guide to Auto Insurance

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In today’s fast-paced world, owning a vehicle is no less than a necessity. Hitting the road may be a liberating experience, but with that comes some significant responsibilities, one of the most critical being insurance coverage.

Compare auto insurance with an umbrella you buy on a sunny day.

It might seem unnecessary at first, but if it starts raining (you run into an accident or theft), the umbrella (insurance policy) protects you from getting soaked (financial loss). You pay a small amount upfront (premium) for this protection whenever needed.

Navigating through the world of automotive insurance can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time drivers. But fear not, fellow travelers! This guide will serve as your road map, breaking down the basics to help you make informed decisions about your insurance needs.

Why Does Car Insurance Matter?

Anything that is on the law books must be taken seriously. Even though car insurance matters for your protection and financial security, it becomes more crucial because it is legally mandatory.

Like a monthly subscription service, you pay a premium to an insurance company. In return, they act as your financial backup if you face unexpected situations.

Following are the key reasons why it matters:

Financial Protection

Accidents can leave you scrambling for cash to cover repairs, medical bills, and legal fees. This insurance acts as a shield to protect you from financial devastation. 

Meets Legal Requirements 

All across the world, the minimal requirement for owning a license and vehicle is to have vehicle insurance. This doesn’t mean hefty coverage, but minimal coverage policies of your state.

Relaxes Your Mind

Knowing your company covers you gives you peace of mind. Now, you can drive comfortably with a sense of relief. However, you better still be safe than sorry.

Types of Coverage Policies

Types of Coverage Policies

This insurance offers protection for:

  • Property- includes any financial mishap regarding damage caused by accident or your vehicle getting stolen.
  • Liability- your legal responsibility to compensate others for damage to property or bodily injury caused due to the accident
  • Medical- not only does it cover your medical bills, injury treatment costs, and the lost wages for the given period.

Here are the main types of insurance policies:

1. Liability Coverage

The most basic and best insurance policy, made compulsory by almost every state, is Liability Coverage. Property damage and bodily liability work as the basis of other insurance. It is the minimum set amount, without which getting vehicle ownership and a driver’s license can be difficult.

2. Coverage for Property Damage

This policy covers the damage caused to the other person’s vehicle during an accident. Every policyholder is liable to pay this amount in case of such mishap.

Any bump in a car that causes extensive property damage is also covered by the insurance.

3. Coverage in Case of Bodily Injuries 

This handles expenses related to injuries or fatalities resulting from accidents caused by you or another driver while operating your vehicle. Given that drivers involved in severe accidents may face substantial lawsuits, individuals may choose to purchase coverage beyond the minimum surety provided by the state.

The rest of the policies discussed below are the premium features besides the minimum liability coverage.

4. Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured or underinsured motorist protection policy applies best in hit-and-run cases. It compensates the policyholder, family members, or designated driver in case of an accident. This is an excellent policy to fall back on in case the at-fault driver lacks sufficient insurance to cover the full extent of the other driver’s losses.

5. Collision Coverage

In case of any harm from potholes, collision coverage is considered best. It comes with a deductible ranging from $250-$1000

The policyholder may demand compensation from the other parties’ insurance company if he is not at fault. The other party is liable to pay those charges.

6. Comprehensive Coverage

This policy protects theft or non-collision damages such as fire, vandalism, and natural disasters. Lenders often require comprehensive coverage until car loans are paid off. This particular coverage offers financial protection beyond coverage, compensating for many unforeseen circumstances.

7. Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal injury protection compensates when you are injured after an accident and need medical assistance. This policy covers your hospital bills and medicinal coverage, regardless of the at-fault driver.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Auto Insurance Coverage Applies Under What Circumstances?

Your car insurance company safeguards you and your family, regardless of whether you’re driving your vehicle or someone else’s. In the same way, it offers coverage to whoever drives your insured car.

There are several complicated car crashes, like accidents of an unregistered car, or if the accident claim exceeds the policy limit, or you crash a financed car. 

All these scenarios are offered minimal coverage, along with add-ons in some. 

Factors Affecting the Rates

  • Maintain a Clean Record: An accident-free driving record helps you qualify for the premium plan at lower charges. 
  • Vehicle Type: If your car lacks market value, comprehensive and collision may not be considered.
  • Location: Where you live and drive can affect the insurance rates. Areas with more traffic congestion have higher premium costs.

Wrap Up

Purchasing auto insurance is the most essential aspect of your responsible vehicle ownership. It may be difficult to prevent an accident when the other person is drunk driving or simply doesn’t care about the traffic rules. 

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it. However, what you can do is financially safeguard yourself from the damage caused as a result of the collision. All you need to do is sign up for an insurance policy, which has become super easy as the world continues to come closer. 

There are various online auto insurance sites where you can get all the desired information and apply for coverage. So, procure the appropriate package, continue reviewing your policies, and enjoy stress-free driving.

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Patience Noah migrated to the United states in 2003 after the Liberian Civil War. She attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and got her B.A in Marketing. After graduating college in 2013, she started her career in the insurance industry cold calling.

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